Halaalfarms Ghana

looking for a trusted hatchery in Ghana for your healthy and energetic day old chicks suppliers and importers, good layers and fast growing broilers.?
table and fertile egg productions and suppliers to companies and individuals in Ghana is available at your finger tips with Halaalfarms. poultry farmers in Ghana by large, those petronizing day old chicks and eggs from us are fully satisfied
we want to help to improve the poultry farming in Ghana with affordable poultry products to farmers in Ghana. 

Healthy Day Old Chicks For A Healthy Nation

Here at Halaalfarms Ghana, we want to become one of the leading suppliers of healthy, affordable and energetic day old chicks not only in Ghana but Africa. For this reason, we have gathered a competent and effective team that will ensure that we meet and even surpass our customers' expectations with our products and services. 
Broilers day old chicks

*Things to consider when buying Day Old Chicks*
*The chicks should be known for high production and quality.
*The chicken breed should be well known, trusted and adapted to area and selected management system.
*The price of chicks too is also what you need to consider.
*The hatchery should be a reliable source of healthy,strong and disease free day old chickschicks

We specialize in hatching both purebreed and hybrid chicks, our parents stock are imported from Netherland, Belgium and Germany, this insures that we deliver quality and healthy birds that will grow faster and disease free, we make sure our customers receive exactly what they ordered or expect to receive from us, because we want to be your long time day old chicks suppliers in Ghana and build trust. Poultry farmers in Ghana by large, those who ordered from Halaalfarms Ghana are happy for our products. 

We deliver nationwide and help provide necessary consultation and assistance needed by our customers. 
We work hand in hand with our customers to ensure they achieve high profitability in the end
Simply call us and talk to us and we are here for your day old chicks in Ghana and working for your meat, eggs and profit.
we are working hard to be in the lead as one of the top suppliers of healthy DAY OLD CHICKS IN GHANA with varieties of birds including day old broilers, day old layers, day old plymouth rock, day old barred rock, day old australorp layers, quails, turkeys, as one of largest egg suppliers in Ghana poultry feed suppliers etc